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Leadership Development Coaching is our primary tool for individual development and organizational change.

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What Leadership Development Coaching Can Do!

  • Leadership Development Coaching is most effective when a highly functioning leader is facing new and different challenges brought about by business developments, organizational growth, or promotion to a new role with greater authority and responsibility, or when the leader is named as a high potential candidate for future growth.

  • Leadership Development Coaching can effectively address aspects of the leader’s communication, influencing, and/or management skills acting as barriers preventing movement into a role with greater authority and responsibility.

  • Leadership Development Coaching can be useful in turning around the performance of a leader who has functioned effectively in the past and whose growth and contributions to the organization have reached a plateau or even diminished due to situational stress, cultural differences, or by a misunderstanding of the means by which leaders in the business attain their goals.

  • Leadership Development Coaching is widely used in high-tech, aerospace, and other engineering businesses in which individuals are often promoted as the result of their technical achievements and competencies rather than leadership talents. Many such technical leaders encounter challenges calling for persuasive, collaborative, and political talents they do not possess. A well designed and focused Leadership Development Coaching process can assist many of these top technical performers gain a completely new set of skills and benefit them and their organizations.

  • Leadership Development Coaching can be highly effective is when the organization needs to bring on-board an executive from outside the organization. Oftentimes, coaching new leaders during their initial adjustment to the sponsoring corporation provides the greatest return on its investment. Out of eagerness to benefit from the high level talent of the new hire, organizations typically immerse experienced business leaders into intense pressures and challenges in a “sink-or-swim” fashion. In such situations, the performance of on-boarding leaders will succeed or fail according to the degree the cultures they left differ from the ones they are joining.

  • Leadership Development Coaching can highlight organizational differences for the leaders, illuminate the causes of problems they have encountered, and help them acquire and adopt strategies and approaches that work in the new culture. In a role similar to a guide on an outdoor adventure, the Leadership Development Coach can help each individual leader navigate the organizational, interpersonal, and political obstacles impeding progress. The Coach and the leader will then create a partnership by which the leader gains the mastery required to succeed and become a mentor or guide of others.

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