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Developing Physicians To Be Leaders

Leadership Development is one of the best investments a medical group or hospital can make in its physicians. Circle P Consulting, LP recognizes the need for effective leadership among members of the medical community. Whether in an operating room, private practice, or in the executive office of a hospital or other health care organization, the challenges, demands, and complexities offer unique opportunities for physicians to develop and refine their leadership skills.

In confidential one-on-one consulting relationships, we can assess the skills and talents needed for physicians to interact successfully with other members of the professional and business communities, create plans for developing leadership qualities, and coach physicians toward their attainment. Our experience in health care has taught us that physicians have the vision and desire to achieve high levels of excellence and satisfaction in their communication, leadership skill awareness, and partnership effectiveness.

Physicians need the same degree of excellence in communication and influence they possess in their clinical skills and technical competence. Gaining effectiveness as an authentic and compelling communicator enhances the capability to promote ideas and to both plan and execute strategies, while building the professional strengths of each party.

Leadership skills come from the personal and professional qualities of the individual. Leadership Development for Physicians provides the opportunity to become aware of the interpersonal skills required to build and grow a successful practice, to identify and address deficiencies, and to draw upon unique strengths in the pursuit of excellence in leadership performance. The process helps physicians balance the needs of the organization with their own values, strengths, and priorities.

Effective partnering is crucial for the professional growth of physicians who aspire to formal leadership roles. As is the case with all successful leaders, physicians achieve goals by working through others. Very few teams can outperform their weakest member, and poor leadership often amplifies the impact of every weakness present in the team. The goal of Leadership Development for Physicians is to develop physicians into leaders who are accomplished at bringing out the best in every member of every team on which they participate. Physician participants benefit from the highly focused, challenging, and supportive coaching that helps them build, strengthen and fine tune their leadership skills.

From the beginning of each process, Leadership Development for Physicians creates insight, understanding, and the potential for lasting growth and change. We challenge physicians to grow beyond their current competencies and become their own best coaches who can be at their best every time, every place, and in every interaction.

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Improving the Performance of Client Organizations by Building the Competencies of their Leaders

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